To the Electoral College

We are facing down the barrel of the shotgun of history. The people of the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world, are on the brink of electing our first despot leader to office. You might think that this is an exaggeration, but I greatly fear that it is not. I am not any kind of authority on world politics, but other people are. We must listen to the people who study the rise and fall of authoritarian governments when they say that Donald Trump is raising a sea of red flags. Having this man as our president poses an existential threat to our nation and our concept of civilized governance. I implore you to step in and prevent this from happening. You have the power to vote for someone else. Hamilton might even say you have the obligation, as evidenced by his words in the Federalist Paper No. 68. I do not know how much contact you have with each other, but the ideal scenario would be for you all to agree on another candidate: Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, or Pence, perhaps.

If this is not possible, I implore you to consider voting for Clinton. While she is far separated from your preferred policies, she will work with you, and she will not lead to a dismantling of everything we hold dear. I myself found her a distasteful candidate, but I do not think that the portrayal of her as evil is truthful. Does she lie? Yes. Don’t all politicians? But what is more important? Her lies, or her truths? Do not be distracted by the Benghazi and email red herrings the media has been feeding us. When in office, Clinton always manages to garner high approval ratings, because she truly works for the people. She is known for her listening, perhaps to a fault. Faced with Republican control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and a majority of state legislatures, she will spend her time learning who you are and why the people elected you. You will be able to put through legislation. She will likely support the vast majority of it. And when you do not have her support, Clinton will not have enough power to prevent you from accomplishing the things you want to accomplish. You can legislate around her; will you be able to legislate around Trump?

I do know that you are concerned with her potential selection of Supreme Court Justices. I understand that this is important, and this is the one thing where I do not see a path to getting what you want. Consider for a moment, however, that Trump will not appoint an impartial judge, but rather a judge who will rule in the favor of Trump’s best interests. A puppet government is in complete contradiction to the idea of a free republic, but that is what we are already witnessing with Trump’s staff selections. I rue what life in this great country will become if we do not do everything in our power to stop him. Writing this letter is what is currently in my power, so I write. You have greater power: You have the power to stop him from entering office to begin with.

If Trump were sincere about his policy positioning, if I thought he would take office and do the work of a president, I would not be writing this letter. I have been wanting our governing body to focus on domestic issues over foreign ones for many, many years. Trump’s messages of bolstering industry in the US, of imposing taxes on imported goods made by slaves in other countries, and of not wasting our precious time and resources at war all resonate deeply with me. Even within this promising framework, many of the specific actions he has layed out to accomplish these goals are troublesome in their own right, and are likely to have negative consequences in my home state of Texas. His lack of experience does not bode well, even if he does his job in good faith. Most unfortunately, I do not believe he can be trusted to pursue anything but his own personal gain.

Many people have noted that Trump is a Narcissist. If you have ever been the subject of narcissistic manipulation, you know how soul draining the experience is. I worked for a Narcissist for four long, awful years. These people only care about themselves and their own personal glorification. They do not care about law, order, rules, or procedures. They do not care how their behavior harms other people. Trump has demonstrated that he has no shame, and a person who does not feel ashamed of shameful acts is toxic and dangerous. If you, fair elector, have ever endured such treatment, I believe that you will see that this man is capable of anything, that he will do anything to enrich himself, no matter the consequences to those around him. If you have not experienced such treatment in your life, please seek out someone who has. Have a good, long heart-to-heart about what life is like working for or living with someone who could not care less about the people around them. Then expand what they tell you to the nation as a whole. Picture Congress bowing to Trump’s every wish to avoid being publicly derided. Picture a Supreme Court bought and paid for. Picture an executive branch that uses its power to line the pocketbooks of the president. Picture complete silence to the media, followed by wave after wave of propaganda. I fear that this is one of the best case scenarios with this man as president. If you believe that he can be kept in check, you may end up greatly disappointed. People can be manipulated into submission and compliance. This is not a time when we should go along to get along. This is a time when we must stand up to the bully on our doorstep.

As a veteran, I once vowed to protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. A Trump presidency would bring both. In addition to alarming ties to Putin, Trump himself has shown an incredible disdain for the traditions of the office of the President. His refusal to be paid is not charitable, it is dangerous. His cabinet choices are causing worry among leaders in the Republican party. His transition team is steeped in dysfunction. Appointing his children to key positions smacks of monarchy, not presidency. His refusal to put his assets into a blind trust will give him enormous power to line his own pocketbooks, no matter the expense to taxpayers. He has not yet taken office, but has already shown his hand. He will rule, and we will bow.

You, dear elector, have the power to stop him dead in his tracks. I implore you to use that power. Such a move is unprecedented, but that does not mean it is unreasonable. The founding fathers created the electoral college for exactly this purpose. You, the politically knowledgeable, are tasked with making the best choice of president for the country. Please, demonstrate to the world that our system works. Let Clinton into office, and then hold her feet to the fire for the duration of her stay.

God Bless,

A Concerned Citizen


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