Study Guide for Euclid’s Elements

Why You’re Here

You’re a math nerd. Just embrace it.

What You Need

Euclid’s Elements published by Green Lion Press

Three-ring binder with sections for copy/memory work, narration, and illustrations/constructions

Lined paper, Blank paper

Straight edge, compass, protractor

Mechanical pencil with 0.9 mm HB lead

Euclid’s Elements online

Euclid the Game

What You Will Do

Definitions, Postulates, and Common Notions:

  • Read Paper Book
  • Copy
  • Illustrate/Construct
  • Memorize
  • Read and Narrate Commentary in the Online Book


  • Read Paper Book
  • Copy & Illustrate/Construct
  • Do corresponding level in Euclid the Game
  • Read and Narrate commentary in the online book

Some Details for the Uninitiated

Read means just that: read the text.

Copy means just that: write the text out verbatim in your best hand.

Illustrate/Construct means draw a picture to represent the concept or construct a figure as instructed.

Memorize means just that: practice saying the phrase until you can repeat it verbatim.

Narrate means to restate what you have read in your own words. This can be done orally or in writing. When first beginning narration, do one paragraph at a time. As you get used to the technique, you will be able to do more in one go.

Now go forth and study!


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